Write for Us

Important: As we are a non-profit organization, there is no compensation for being a writer. This is all volunteer. But, once your writing is published, we are going to promote your writing to all of our social media.

Things to Know Before Submitting

  • Your writing has to be original and never been published elsewhere, including personal blogs.
  • Plagiarism is not okay (and in some cases, is criminal), so is copying ideas and structure/narration. We have the right to delete the article and blacklist the writer if we found out any plagiarism.
  • The writing can be written in Indonesian or English.
  • The writing length should be 750-2.000 words.
  • References should be cited using APA style.
  • Write in Word format (.doc or .docx). Include a short bio at the end of the paper, 2-3 sentences that explain who you are.


We are very pleased with your interest in sending your work to GSHR Udayana. By agreeing to this agreement, you give GSHR Udayana permission to edit and publish your work on this page and in other publications. We hold the first publishing rights of your work, and the same work cannot be sent to other electronic media, including personal blogs.

By submitting your work to GSHR Udayana and agreeing to this agreement, you ensure that your work is original, that you hold the copyright in your work, that no other party has the copyright, and that your work does not slander or violate the rights, copyrights, trademarks, privacy, or the reputation of another party.

Where Can You Send Your Writing?

If you have read all the rules and agreements written on this page, you may send your writing to editor@gshrudayana.org and we will be back to you soon.