Educating and Empowering

We work voluntarily to improve society’s awareness about issues relating to gender, sexuality and human rights.

Our Focus


Oppression towards women and other minority of gender identities


Sexual rights, the minority of sexual orientation and sexual abuse

Human Rights

Fundamental rights for women and other minority groups

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Articles and Reports

LGBT dalam Kemanusiaan

LGBT dalam Kemanusiaan

LGBT dalam KemanusiaanAyudiah Natalia | Dec 26, 2017 | Human Rights Beberapa tahun belakangan ini, LGBT menjadi isu yang masif di Indonesia dan berbagai belahan di dunia. Sejak dilegalkannya pernikahan sesama jenis di Amerika Serikat, aktivis sosial dan komunitas LGBT...

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As an organization that has a tagline “Educating and Empowering”, we frequently publish infographics to give people more knowledge about topics relating to gender, sexuality and human rights.


Women's March Bali

Women’s March Bali was first initiated by GSHR Udayana in 2018. The program consists of marching, film screening & discussion, talkshow, and poster workshop.


Nongki or “Nongkrong & Diskusi” is a bimonthly members meeting-up to discuss some topics relating to gender, sexuality and human rights issues.

16 Film Festival Bali

A collaboration done by GSHR Udayana and two other organizations. The festival consists of social campaign, talks and screening.


Our Team

Our teams come from various backgrounds, in terms of gender identity, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic, economic and educational background.

Rickdy Vanduwin

Rickdy Vanduwin


Udayana University

Lia Ratna, S.Pd

Lia Ratna, S.Pd


Mahasaraswati University

Casamira Gitta

Casamira Gitta


Udayana University

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