GSHR Udayana was established by the founders in 2017 to be a solution to the problem of gender based violence that is still common in Indonesia.

The Story

The formation of GSHR Udayana as an organization which serves as a safe zone for anyone concerned of issues relating to gender, sexuality and human rights, had rooted from a brief story. The idea of forming this organization had arrived during a psychology competition in Malang, in which three of this organization’s founders had become finalists with their own research on a gender-related issue.

On the same October 13th, 2017 on which this organization was created, volunteers had admitted their readiness and commitment to be part of its central committee. Then, the organization was named as Resource Center on Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights Studies Udayana (GSHR Udayana), which was inspired by two organizations that also became our sister organizations, PadGHRS, and SGRC Indonesia. The “Udayana” term of this organization represents an influential king who had ruled Bali during the second half of the tenth century. It’s also due to the fact that this organization is centered in Bali, specifically in Badung and Denpasar.